Musewear's Michael Franco Dishes About Flip Flops that Tell a Story + More!

Musewear's eco-friendly, flip flops lets you show the world your sun sign. You can also carry quotes from Bob Marley, the Dalai Lama, C.S. Lewis and more wherever you go!
-PJ Gach,

Husband and wife Michael Franco and Diane Curry lived in the tropics (Hawaii, Vieques, and Singapore) for years. Flip flops became their best friend and shoe of choice. One day Diane decided to write a mini-mantra on the soles of her flip flops and Musewear, available now atBettyConfidential Shop, was born.

The sandals have a world-wide reputation for being the most comfortable flip flops ever created. They designs are unisex-they can be worn by men and women. We're showcasing two of their collections: SunSign Soles and Walk the Talk.

SunSign Soles have your astrological sign on the sole of the sandal. You can subtly let everyone you know you're the luxury loving Taurus, the patient Aquarius or the loyal Scorpio. You can even mix them up by buying your sun sign and your rising sign, then wear the rising sign on one foot and the sun sign on your other foot.

Walk the Talk is a collection of inspirational quotes from Bob Marley ("Love the life you live, live the life you love") to Eleanor Powell ("What we are God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God"). There are also quotes by C.S. Lewis, Buddha and Mahatma Ghandi. Think of these quotes as your secret weapon as you go on about your day. We chatted with Michael Franco about their line of sandals, what not to wear with them, how to make them last and more!

BettyConfidential: Musewear flip flops are eco-friendly and ethically made. Why did you decide to got the eco-friendly route when making them? Can you tell us a bit about the processes?

Michael Franco: When we decided to manufacture a physical product, we also made a promise to ourselves to be aware of the impact that product would have on the world-from start to finish. That's why choosing an ethical factory in Brazil where workers earned fair wages was on the top of our minds for us. Then we wanted to make sure that our product wouldn't harm the environment, so we liked the fact that our factory reuses the excess rubber from the manufacturing process to create new flip flops--nothing is wasted. We even chose a green fulfillment company based in Boise, Idaho to deliver our products to our customers in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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BC: You have great designs, and I read on your product review page that a lot of people talk about how comfortable your flip flops are. They also mention that they're thicker and softer than the basic flop flop. Do you make a really cushy foot bed? How much thicker are they than the average flip flop footbed?

MF: Yes, our footbeds are a little extra thick--we'd say at least a quarter-inch thicker than your standard "over the counter" flip flops. They're made out of the same super-soft Brazilian rubber that make another giant flip flop company from Brazil (who shall remain nameless!) and are extraordinarily popular. One of the things people are most often surprised about when they hold our flip flops in their hand is the weight. Because the rubber is extra-thick and extra-dense, it gives Musewear real heft and great cushioning. They're durable (both structurally and in terms of the artwork on the footbed), comfortable and very giftable!

BC: Flip flops are popular world over. They've got a ton of names, everything from thongs, to sandals, to slipper to chandals. What is it that makes them so popular?

MF: It's got to be the ease and comfort. Wearing flip flops is just about as close as you can come to being barefoot-and who doesn't like that! And because they're such easy footwear, they can spread a relaxed vibe to the wearer, so your flip flops become more than a way to get from place to place; they become how you feel getting from here to there.

BC: They say you can wear flip flops with anything. I once heard a rumor that a bride wore a pair under her wedding gown! Is there anything you really shouldn't wear with them….besides socks?

MF: Socks are definitely the worst offender! But we think they look pretty fabulous with just about any outfit. Unlike flip flops that are overwrought with rhinestones or plastic flowers, Musewear are understated so they truly go with just about anything. There's just that little white logo that lets a fellow Musewear wearer known that you've got something interesting to share underfoot--if you want to, of course!

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BC: We all have a pair of flip flops we can't leave without. What can you do to extend the life of your sandals?

MF: Just clean them with a damp cloth when needed. It's also a good idea not to use your flip flops for any serious hiking or scrambling over sharp-edged rocks.

BC: You have very unique designs…Walk the Talk has great quotes, like Eleanor Powell's "What we are is God's gift to us, What we become is our gift to god," and Buddha's "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting." Where did you find the quotes? Do you have a favorite? Will you come out with more quotable flip flops?

MF: As writers, we've both been word lovers all our lives and so, we've always gathered favorite quotes from writers and thinkers around the world. When it was time to launch Musewear, we looked through our collection of wise words and selected what we thought were the best. Michael's favorite is the Powell quote you mention above. He likes the idea that you start out with a life that is bestowed upon you by whatever your conception of god is and what you do with that life is the path to honoring that gift. Diane's favorite would have to be, "My Goal In Life Is To Be/The Kind Of Person My Dog Already Thinks I Am," (ed note: author unknown) because she thinks dogs are life's most pure and passionate celebrants.

BC: It's really wonderful that you're working with charities like Nature Conservancy, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and Amnesty International. I understand that you donate 15 percent of your profits to these agencies. How did this all come about?

MF: This stems from the original founding principle of Musewear--a sense of gratitude for the truly enriched life we've been given and a desire to pay back some of our blessings. When we came up with the idea of linking certain charities to certain styles, we knew we had a fun way to do just that while supporting organizations that help people, pets and the planet.

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PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential

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