User post: Music + Fashion: What You Want by Evanescence

Little known fact: I have a rocker chick alter ego. She loves playing Rock Band (a master of the guitar and totally kills it on the drums!), and losing herself in the sounds of awesome bands like Paramore, Flyleaf, and most of all Evanescence. I have every single song they've ever done, including their long awaited self titled album. So it was only natural that the first single, What you Want makes this week's Music + Fashion.

What you Want EvanescenceMusic + Fashion

  1. Black n Moraccan Pink Treasure Corset Top
  2. Moto Black Coated Supersoft Skinny Jeans
  3. Hot Pink Platform Pumps by Steve Madden
  4. Shell White Natural Pearl Long Earrings
  5. Brighton Stonebriar Short Necklace
  6. Black Onyx Stone Silver Gothic Cocktail Ring

Does music influence your sense of style?

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