Mustache Sunglasses: Would You Wear Them? (PHOTO)

Aubrey PlazaAubrey PlazaI'll be honest ... I'm getting a tiny little bit tired of seeing "mustache masks" in photos.

I'm sure it used to be hilarious and hip to pose for a photo with a mustache-on-a-stick, but when everyone's doing it, well ...

It's not so hilarious anymore, now is it?

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I'm giving Parks and Rec actress Aubrey Plaza a pass, though, because she took the idea and changed it up a bit, wearing these 'Sunstache glasses' at a step and repeat ...

Letting the paparazzi photograph you in a false mustache that's attached to sunglasses?

Now that truly IS funny!

Best of all, these sunglasses can be yours for the incredibly low price of ...


Urban OutfittersUrban OutfittersThat's right, girls. These sunglasses are up for sale at Urban Outfitters for just eight dollars!

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And while they'd be a great gift for your man, I think they'd be even funnier on you!

If sunglasses aren't your thing, there are always mustache bandages for your upper lip ...

Moustache BandagesMoustache Bandages

I'm digging these because you can try different styles of mustaches and see what works for you ...

Think of them as a knitted beard for the summer months!

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Knitted BeardKnitted BeardBecause I have a feeling this thing's gonna get SUPER itchy when it gets hot outside ...

Will YOU wear mustache glasses or bandages this summer? I think they'd go GREAT with your bikini!

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Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

h/t: MTV

Written by Lindsay Ferrier for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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