My big, fat recessionista mistake!

FP20118567.JPGSo, about six months ago, I had the not-so-brilliant idea that I had the skill to tweeze and groom my own brows at home. How hard could it be? And after talking with expert after expert about proper techniques, I thought I could totally figure it out in my bathroom and save some much-needed moola in the process.

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Oh, how wrong was I! I initially tried to follow the shape of my last appointment (think it was around last December or so), and it worked out ok. But then, I couldn't see the correct shape anymore, and I started overplucking below my arch, too much in the middle, above my arch and everywhere in between. The result? Wonky, uneven brows that were unruly and clearly untamed. So, finally, I popped by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Shop in Sephora in Times Square this week for a little grooming, and I feel SOO much better. My brow confidence is up, and I realized that a professional brow shaping is something I absolutely can't live without. I would rather cut back in other places!

I'm curious: Is there anything that you initially cut back on that you now realize is a necessity?

Here's some brow inspiration one of my favorite models and Estee Lauder spokeswoman, Hilary Rhoda. How perfect are her eyebrows?!

-Posted by Eleanor Langston (Photo Credit: WWD)

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