My Favorite Moisturizer Ever!! Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

As the owner of sensitive skin, I understand anytime I change my skin regime, she will protest. Instead of harsh words of revolt, my skin erupts into red bumps and puss filled pockets of hate. For this month's Beauty Guru reviews, she surprised me. It's as if she has waited her whole life for Kiehl's s Ultra Facial Cream. She responded with an evening of tone and a restored balance of vibrancy not seen in years.

After months of sitting in front of my computer blogging on a broad range of topics, the palm and fingers of my hand have met my face more times than ever before. While visions of creative thoughts poured from my brain onto my computer screen, the idea my hands could bring about such destruction on my face never occurred. So with red streaked chin and cheeks, something had to be done I had never done before.

I had to purchase my first batch of foundation. The years of getting by with loose powder seemed but a long lost memory.

A funny thing occurs when applying foundation to an unevenly moisturized face - Blotches!! Thinking I could hide the redness on my face with a base turned into an awful, uneven discoloration mess. I felt like I was looking back into the eighties when my mother would fix up her face and her neck would be three shades lighter than her face: Ouch! Preparing for the worst and thinking all was doomed in the world concerning my appearance to public viewing, a gift from heaven appeared on my doorstep.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream!!

With it's 24 hour hydrating formula with extracts of Glacial Glycoprotiens from microorganisms sourced from sea glaciers and Imperata Cylindrica, a plant from the Australian desert, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream hydrates and evens the tone of my skin so well, the redness of my skin has diminished and using base to hide my imperfections on the skin is not as necessary as once before.

This is a real miracle cream. I couldn't ask for a better moisturizer and neither will you!