My First Crazy Hair Dare Of The Year

OK, I'll admit it: When I find a shirt I think is perfect for any occasion, I wear it to death, all the while telling myself, "I'm seeing a different group tonight that will never remember it." Then it happens: I encounter the one random person who crosses over between party crowds and remembers how much they loved "that shirt." Dangit.

So this year, my resolution is to switch things up. I'm staying true to my favorite shirt, but I'm throwing in 30 different hairstyles to throw the crossovers off. I think even an outfit from this list will be a lot less noticeable if my hair looks completely different, don't you?

After a lot of experimenting, I came up with a month's worth of party-worthy hairstyles (just in case I need a few on hand). My six favorites are below, but click here to see the entire gallery and how tos for each of them.

Day One: Top Knotch

I am very self-conscious of wearing my hair slicked back tightly. So this style pretty much tested all my strength -- slicked and band -- what the?! But once I paired with a bright lipstick (you could rock some other statement like gigundo earrings), I forgot about my exposed full face hang up. And the best part is it only takes a few minutes -- plus you can start with dirty hair.

See how to get this style.

Day Two: Mad Woman

OK, I confess, I am obsessed with the styling on "Mad Men." So this style is clearly my favorite. It actually doesn't take very long to complete and the key is to have a really cool hat or accessory to highlight the style (and hide any mistakes you make). The girls in the secretary pool will flip when you pull this off.

See how to get this style.

Day Three: A Very Braidy Day

Bohemian braids don't take much time to do but they spice up a style you've been wearing all day in seconds ... feel the hippie love. Plus, you can just hit the hay with damp hair and wake up to your natural texture, which is the perfect way to start this style.

See how to get this style.

Day Four: Messy Piggies

I know what you're thinking: c'mon, where's the challenge? But seriously, making messy pigtails look messy in a pretty way takes a little longer than you'd expect. Never fear: with a little bit of prep work you'll be ready in no time. You'll need a jumbo curling iron to get loose, textured tails.

See how to get this style.

Day Five: Pin Up

This simple variation to a day-old blowout will perk up your pony in just a few seconds flat. All you need is a few bobby pins (colored ones are a bonus) and a teasing comb. I loved how the pony came out, I'll definitely be going with this style the day after all of my blowouts.

See how to get this style.

Day Six: Twisted Sister

Got a casual outdoor party to attend? I often just go with my natural texture and in the words of Tim Gunn, try to "Make it work." But this gorgeous style makes me realize I should make it work more often. It looks like I'm wearing a twisted flower wreath around my head, doesn't it? Pretty.

See how to get this style.

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