My Secret Product for Thicker, Sexier Hair

By Gizem Ozcelik, REDBOOK

Let's face it: A lot of us are plagued with fine or thinning hair. No matter how much mousse you use or how much you tease your locks, by the end of the day, they just fall flat again. Women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers-that means hair loss affects 21 million women in the US alone! And that's because there are so many reasons for hair loss or thin/fragile hair: genetics, stress, poor nutrition, pregnancy and side effects of medication among many other things.
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The reason for my fine hair? Definitely genetics; although my mother gave me gorgeous skin, I am stuck with her lifeless brown strands. And believe me, being a beauty girl, I have tried everything in the book: shampoos, conditioners, volumizing mousses and powders, even clip-on extensions (Salon-extensions are just way too expensive!). But nothing seemed to work for me until I tried the new at-home treatment by Phyto called Phytolium 4 ($60, It's all-natural and safe treatment that's packed with solanum glycoproteins, only one of the patented ingredients in the formula that help to stimulate the production of more keratin in the body (the key protein for healthy hair and nails). Once or twice a week, after my shower, I just twist open one of the capsules and rub onto my scalp and then style as usual.

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The results? After two applications, I noticed a big difference in the thickness of my hair (the hair coming out of my pony tail was so grab-able) and after a month, my mane had definitely grown at least an inch.

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