Nail polish inspired by bruises and menstrual blood

StrangeBeautiful's Volume V nail polish collection is grosser than it looks.StrangeBeautiful's Volume V nail polish collection is grosser than it looks.We've seen creative, empowering, and funny nail polish names before, but the StrangeBeautiful Volume V nail polish collection leave us virtually speechless. The colors looks like a muddy fall palette, but their names derive from some pretty bizarre sources. Per their description on

"Inspirations and references range from the vampiric gradations of a healing bruise; the moody rusts of menstrual blood; the profile of a gray blue Heron scooping fish against a background of gooey river runoff."

Um, yeah. Respectively the colors described above are called Gradation of a Bruise, The Grey Blue Heron, Estuary Runoff, and Menstrual Last Day. And they don't apply like your average nail polish either.

"Not quite transparent, the effect is fluid and semi opaque, as if the nail itself had taken on a mysterious life of its own."

Sorry but we don't want any of these things on our fingertips and we don't want our nails to mysteriously grow like a fungus. If you do, you can pick up the limited box of polishes for $85 here.

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