How Neat People Organize a Handbag

by Elizabeth Siegel

photo: Kyle Ericksenphoto: Kyle EricksenMaybe you look really put together...until you open your handbag. And then you seem a little, um, crazy, which isn't exactly the vibe you were going for this morning. Good thing Melanie Charlton, owner of the organizational design firm Clos-ette, has one really great tip for de-cluttering.

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"After switching to travel-size beauty products, the best thing you can do is compartmentalize," says Charlton. That means dedicating one spot in your bag to your phone, another to your keys, another to the makeup that you actually need (we're looking at you, dried out lipstick), and another to pens (your new limit is two, and both of them have to have ink and caps). Your bag only has so many pockets, so if you want extra credit, "use small pouches to organize the stuff you need," says Charlton. You can get cute, colorful bags so you'll actually use them (cheapie plastic ones from Target are among Charlton's favorites) or even Ziplocs.

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