New anti-scanner undies hide and protect your private parts

Rocky Flats GearRocky Flats GearColorodo-based clothing company Rocky Flats Gear has created a line of underwear that will protect your private parts from potentially harmful radiation but also from the unwelcome eyes of inspectors. Take that, TSA!

To be clear, the Transportation Security Administration says the rays emitted from scanners are safe and that you're actually exposed to the same amount of radiation in one scan that you get from flying for two minutes in an airplane at 30,000 feet, where radiation levels are higher. If you went through the scanners over 1,000 times in a year it would only be equivalent to one chest x-ray. So radiation-wise, we're probably all going to be fine, but that doesn't mean security screeners should have the right to check out our lady parts!

Rocky Flats GearRocky Flats Gear
Rocky Flats Gear ensures the airport full-body scanners won't pick up any images of your privates. The undergarments feature strategically placed lead-free radiation-shielding patches in the form of cheeky images. The Brief Blocker panty comes in two styles-Clasp Hands or Fig Leaf-for $17.76 each. Protect your breasts with a matching Fig Leaf sports bra for $37.45, or the more affordable flower-shaped bra inserts which cost $9.11 a pair. They're all available in different colors and sizes, and there are briefs and boxer briefs available

Rocky Flats GearRocky Flats Gear

On the left is a photo of what a woman's body looks like when wearing the Fig Leaf sports bra.

Sure they're gimmicky, but with these undies you can maintain your privacy, your dignity, and jeez, maybe even your fertility. Though we have to wonder what the screeners will think when a giant fig leaf comes up on their scanning machines.