New “Project Runway” cast member: Miss Universe contestant with a sex tape

The new season of The new season of Was anyone surprised by this new "Project Runway" ad? Not that we've never seen supermodel and former Victoria's Secret spokesperson Heidi Klum strip down before, but it feels like Lifetime is working overtime to wrangle in viewers for the new season of the design competition.

With last season's ratings in the toilet, it seems viewers have been dwindling ever since "Project Runway" moved from Bravo to Lifetime. Or perhaps they got bored by the longer 90-minute episodes. Adding insult to injury, the judges selected bitchy and predictable Gretchen Jones as the winner over the incredibly creative and likable Mondo Guerra. Boo. We vowed to stop watching, but Lifetime may have caught our interest with one doozy of a new competitor.

One of the 20 designer hopefuls this season is Anya Ayoung-Chee, a former pageant queen with a pretty scandalous past. As 2008's Miss Trinidad and Tobago, she entered the Miss Universe pageant. She didn't win, but she gained notoriety shortly afterward when a sex tape of her with an ex and another woman leaked online. Juicy!

Lifetime already has posted tons of videos providing background on the contestants, interviewing them on their home turf. Ayoung-Chee used the opportunity to show off her tequila shelf and discuss the first garment she ever made: a gray dress for the Miss Universe pageant. Having become utterly bored and disgusted with the "Real Housewives" franchise and other reality shows, we'll definitely be watching the July 28 premiere of "Project Runway" in hopes of some exciting moments, cool fashion, and to hear Tim Gunn utter his famous phrase. We hope Lifetime can "make it work" this season. Will you be watching too?

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