To Do and Not to Do: Tionna Smalls' Bed Etiquette!

To Do and Not to Do: Tionna Smalls' Bed Etiquette!

Tionna Smalls shares her bedroom etiquette tips and offers some advice.

Get Ready
Before you jump into your clean and fresh sheets, take a shower. Maybe use some lavender scented body-wash or other calming scents to "clean the day away." Take a few minutes to de-stress; you'll be much happier for it and you'll be able to sleep better!

Wake Up and Brush Your Teeth
If your man sleeps over, get up and brush your teeth first! Tionna says it's okay if he wakes up first, it's not a big deal but if you get up first, it's important to keep yourself together. Joey said once you're married, it doesn't matter!

Be Sexy
Keep your comfy pajamas for the nights when you're on your own. If your man is sleeping over, wear some cute and sexy pajamas, like Daisy Llewyllen's tips to find great pajamas for you!

Save Your Blowout!
If you want your hair to last, use a silk scarf to make your hair last. You can even braid your hair first and then cover it with a scarf (or use bobby pins to twist it). In the morning, if you've braided or bobby-pinned your hair, you'll have nice, soft waves for an easy hair-do in the morning!

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