You Can Now Get Kate Middleton's Wedding Perfume in the States (and Here's What it Smells Like...)

by Beth Shapouri

 Illuminum, the fragrance company that made Kate Middleton's wedding fragrance opened a new boutique in Henri Bendel's in New York City last week, and I stopped in to do some serious sniffing.

Now, first, I know you want to know what the royal wedding perfume smelled like, right?

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It was White Gardenia Petals, a really feminine blend of gardenia, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, and jasmine. It's like a spring garden in a bottle.

Now, a little about the company: Illuminum launched in the U.K. in January 2011 featuring a group of anonymous perfumers who create interesting combinations using high-quality ingredients in one of four categories: floral, citrus, musk, and oud. It's made quite a splash overseas, thanks to rich mixes that really last on skin, and now they've come to the U.S. with their first fragrance lounge.

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And, of course, all the editors at the event wanted to get a whiff of the Duchess's scent, but that's not the one I'm obsessed with. The one their fragrance expert matched me with based on the scents I'm usually drawn to: Black Musk.

courtesy of the brandcourtesy of the brand It's complex and warm and delicious mix of patchouli, musk, and tonka bean, and it makes me want to glue my wrist to my nose every time I spray it on. No joke--it's that fantastic.

Curious? You can find part of the collection at Or stop in next time if you find yourself around Midtown in NYC and get a whiff.

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