So...This Is Now the Official Hairstyle of Sexiness, Apparently

by Beth Shapouri

At the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Celebrates 50 Years Of Swim party last night, the epicenter of sexiness, a very large portion of the models in attendance wore their hair in a particular hairstyle, and the coincidence is just too big to ignore.

It showed up on cover model Chrissy Teigen:
Getty ImagesGetty Images

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Petra Nemcova:
Getty ImagesGetty Images

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And Hannah Ferguson:
Getty ImagesGetty Images

It's one-shoulder hair, as in hair that has been pushed over to one side. There you have it, everyone, the Sports Illustrated models have spoken. Symmetry is for suckers. One-shoulder hair is where it's at in the hotness department.

Now, admit it: How many of you just pulled your hair to one side, you sexy things?

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