You Can Now "WANT" Your Fave Fashion Items on Facebook

If you're obsessed with pining things on Pinterest, then you're going to love "wanting" things on Facebook. Though still in its test phase, the "want" button allows users to flag certain fashion items from brands like Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret,, and Neiman Marcus.

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Here's how it works: You see a fabulous handbag on Neiman Marcus. You need to have it. Simply click the "want" button in the left hand corner. Then, that handbag appears in your "collection," which is kinda like an Amazon wish list. Your wants appear in your newsfeed, allowing all your friends and family to see which handbag you are currently drooling over. And there are even links to buy the item in case someone is feeling super generous and wants to get it for you.

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Right now, we are digging the want button. It can clue in clueless boyfriends, not to mention parents, relatives, and your other run of the mill bad gift givers. But what we're super into is the idea of new buttons on Facebook. Here are a few others we want to see:

Dislike: You can like something, so why can't you dislike? Before you claim a dislike button is mean, don't say you've never thought of it. We've all had run-ins with a crazy relative who loves posting about his or her political views. Dislike.

Remove: With this button you can put in keywords, like "babies," "engaged," or "high school," and this feature will automatically remove anything related to those terms from your feed. Then you can go back to reading #myfriendsaremarried and feel great.

TMI: Your old college roommate shares last night's sexual romp in her Facebook status. TMI. Your friend's baby has explosive diarrhea and she can't wait to share her new mom story with everyone. TMI. You brother posts a pic of his finger after a bloody incident with a kitchen knife. TMI. See how it works?

Love It: We're not negative all the time. This button is for the times you beyond like something, like when your BFF tries blue eyeliner for the first time. Who wouldn't want to see a "love it" underneath their photo?

Those were just some of the buttons we can't wait to see on our Facebook. Now tell us: What buttons do you want?

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