Old Navy's new Neon Lights line—cute clothes (not neon), cheesy name

Here's the thing about Old Navy's new "Neon Lights" line. You're going to walk into the store, look at the shiny silk tanks and long handkerchief-bottom dresses and think: "Those are for me-they should be mine!" But I'm begging you not to do this. Even though they're the most prominently featured and inarguably the most showy, these pieces are flimsy and unlined and have a weird, lumpy-up-top, unflattering cut that won't look good unless you are completely breast-less and shapeless. Instead, do me a favor, move further into the store and check out the incredible drapey cotton items. These are not only going to look great on your body, they're also subtle enough to be trend proof and something you'll wear for years. My picks after the jump.

My favorite piece in this whole line, perhaps ever from Old Navy. It looks like it cost 10 times the price.
Ruched dress, $24.50

Comes in pink and gray and black and brown. I want to wear it with gold sandals.
Gathered jersey dress, $24.50

Despite the fact that Old Navy almost ruined these for me with a bad "turn over a new leaf" joke, I love these earrings. Imagine them with a a long tank and jean skirt.
Leaf earrings, $5

Perfect for tranforming sleeveless dresses and tops into something more appropriately sleeve-full (say for work). I'd throw this over a simple black or white (oooh. or even yellow) dress and pair it with simple flats (also in black, dark pink or white).
Deep-V, puffed sleeve cardigan, $24.50

Pretty for the beach, pretty with jeans, just 10 dollars.
I may buy them in each of the amazing colors.
Chainlink thong jelly sandals, $10

Dear Marimekko for H&M: We are not friends
$11 for slick shoes you can wear to work? Oh, YES!
Would you wear these? Crocs high-heeled sandals
Panic! Hoodwinking! Disaster!: Breaking my number one fashion rule