What Old-School Accessory Do You Still Use?

OK, I'll admit it. I give people crap for wearing scrunchies (who else thinks they're completely ridiculous-looking?!). But now I've got a little '90s confession of my own:

I'm obsessed with mood rings.

All of my friends make fun of me, and I know what they're getting at. Who wears a mood ring as a 20-something year old? But I can't help it -- I love it. I got my first one back in 1995, and it's been one of my favorite accessories since then -- even out of this bunch. Every time it wears out, I go and buy a new one, which isn't too easy since they hit their peek over 10 years ago. My current ring is fun, oversized, and never the same color. It's like having multiple accessories in one. What more could a girl ask for?

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I know tons of people mock old-school accessories, but I say ... if you love it, wear it! And while only a few things from the '80s can be called "fashionable" (check out these horrible fashion looks to see what I mean), I think stuff from the '90s is still cool. Remember the slap bracelets? I would so wear those too if I had 'em.

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Speaking of throwback fashion items you love ... what's yours? Leave your pick (or your honest opinion on my mood ring) in the comments section below.

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