Older Woman, Older Men.

There are many songs from the 1960's that teach about life. I find more in the Country songs.

Many young women think men are innocent and sweet because they have a boyish cute look.

Men is they get real angry or jealous are capable of ending a life before a woman is.

This has to do with male hormones and his protective instinct. A woman sees violence as what it is.

Older woman do not produce eggs and if they let themselves get unattractive no man will want them.

Older men still produce sperm all of their life and hormones so they love it if they have a cute young thing next to them. It makes him say to the other males, Look at what I have. Look how special I am.

Men and woman need to learn to communicate and get along better. Woman on the whole are more intuitive,and can be deceptive.

In the last many years there has been women who tried to reinvent Lilith who was the Mother of Demons with long hair and wings. Her job is to attack men. These woman do not accept male domination.

Women who get an education are discouraged because they might neglect their role as wife and Mother.

Men who are married some times will lie to get another woman. Good men can think with their brain and avoid temptations. They know how naive young women are.

In my past I worked in medicine and law. I saw so many wrong things.

Why do people not follow rules? Why do they believe they can keep doing wrong and get away with it?

Men need a woman more than a woman needs a man. She was created to help the male not be treated like a doormat. If a man can have a good home then he deserves to be a leader in society, If he is immoral he deserves all he gets,

Sometimes men forget behind every good man is a good woman.

Beauty and money are not the most important things in life.

Many women work their husbands to death to buy them stuff. If he gets two women he might just die sooner.

Many women are taught how to seduce men at the home where they grew up.

There are Fathers and brothers who do not know how to protect their daughters and sisters. This is wrong in my opinion.