One blogger, 365 DIY manicures

Just because it's a recession doesn't mean our fingers have to suffer! Forget the salon--all you need for an awesome manicure is a bottle or two of polish and a steady set of hands, whether they belong to yourself or a friend.

One crafty lady in Las Vegas has started a blog called The Daily Nail, where she posts photos of the manicures she paints on every single day. And they're not just basic colors--each manicure features a unique design. She has done art inspired Mondrian and Jackson Pollack nails, cartoons like "The Simpsons" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," marble swirls and glittery French tips, patterns like plaids and zebra prints, and even nails that look like bacon!

"Due to my recent overspending on nail polishes (I've purchased over 50 in less than 2 months), I've decided that if I buy them, I must use them," the blogger writes. "Therefore, I've developed a challenge for myself." She plans to continue her blog for a full year. As a nailpolish junkie with probably 75 bottles hogging my bathroom cabinets, I appreciate her dedication.

Looking for some cool, simple DIY manicure ideas? Konad nail art kits make designs a cinch and many are reusable. If you're looking to draw some designs yourself, Sally Hansen nail art pens have a tiny tip that allows for maximum creativity. CND color effects act as a topcoat to add sparkle, shimmer, and matte finishes to any polishes you already own. Lastly, to extend the shelf life of your polish, experts suggest storing them in the fridge! Ooh, now I have even more room for my polishes.

Do you do your own nails, and do you have any tricks or tips? [Daily Nail]