Only 60% of women are happy with their hair

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesMany women aren't pleased with their natural hair, but there are so many options we can do to dramatically transform our tresses. A new survey from ShopSmart, the publisher of Consumer Reports, found that the average woman spends about $195 a year on haircuts and $260 on color. More than one third are trying to save money by going to the salon less, and relying more on products and styling tools at home. Still, only 60 percent of women are happy with their hair.

"There really is such a thing as a bad hair day," says Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. More than 1,000 women aged 18 and over were interviewed for the survey, which found: 44 percent of women have had a mood affected by a bad hair day, and 26 percent have actually shed tears after a haircut. And sometimes it's not just a day. The biggest complaints women have about their hair is the thickness and the color." In fact, 23 percent of women are frustrated with their hair thickness. That's almost one in four! Seventeen percent of ladies think their hair is too thin or too fine; 14 percent dislike their hair type, and 10 percent are unhappy with the color.

Here are some more interesting facts revealed by the survey:

  • 19% of women love their hair, 41% like it, 5% dislike it, 4% hate it and 30% are neutral
  • 49% have naturally straight hair, but 10% of them style it curly
  • 23% have naturally curly hair, but 19% of them style it straight
  • On average, women pay $39 for a haircut and $65 on salon color
  • 53% regularly color their hair
  • On average, women spend 15 minutes or less styling their hair, and wash it 4 times a week

How much do you spend on your haircut and color, and what is your biggest hair gripe?