The Only Art that Describes "you" Without Talking

fashion photofashion is something we deal with everyday, whether people care or not. fashion embodies not only clothing but personal style, character and attitude. one thing that fashion is capable of doing is to reveal, clothes reveal what groups people belong to or are part of. fashion is a language which tells a story about a person who wears it, wordless means of communication. therefore we are all interested in fashion just by picking out clothes in the morning, being attracted to certain colors of clothing than others. fashion has created "marriages" that would never exist for example a person into rock 'n' roll music or a rock star will have a distinctive fashion taste associated with the music which may be seen in how they dress. music and fashion, architecture and fashion, RELIGION and fashion to name a few people associate themselves to these "marriages" which reveals who they are. what does your fashion taste reveal about you?