Oops! Kanye West’s $750,000 Car Crushed in Kim Kardashian’s Gates

By Spencer Cain, The Vivant

Kanye's Car This has just not been a great week for Kanye West. After walking into a sign outside of Beverly Hills Vietnamese restaurant 9021pho and getting into a fight with a photographer the other day, his prized possession-a $750,000 black Lamborghini Aventador that baby mama Kim Kardashian bought him for his 35th birthday-was damaged upon entering Kardashian's swanky Los Angeles mansion.

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After being serviced yesterday, a driver was returning the pricey vehicle to the Mediterranean pad and entering the gates. Sadly, they were going just a little too slow, and the gates began to close on it, causing some unfortunate damage. There's no word on how much the damage cost, but chances are it wasn't cheap. Considering the car is close to $1 million, every square inch on this bad boy is worth something!

Here's hoping the birth of Kanye and Kim's child is a smoother ride.

Watch a video of Kanye's car getting crushed now!

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