How to Organize Your Shoes like a Pro

By Alexandra Pauly, The Vivant

Shoe organization

It isn't a small task for Beth Shak, professional poker player, and proud owner of 1,200 pairs of shoes, to keep her closet organized. Shak's shoe collection, reportedly worth around $1 million, fills four password-protected closets and includes 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins alone.

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Shak and her shoes have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and in the documentary, God Save My Shoes, and, no surprise, this shoe fiend is currently developing her own line of high-end shoes. Needless to say, when it comes to organizing shoes, Shak has it down to a science. And while you probably don't have quite as many as Shak has to organize, her tips will come in handy for everyone from the average stiletto lover to the biggest collectors out there (you know who you are).

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1. Color Coordinate. "I organize my shoes by color, and I have four closets and switch them by season," Shak says. That way, you can easily pick a pair to match to your outfit.

2. Display Shoes By Season. Shak has three extra closets in which she stores her off-season shoes. Clearly not everyone has that luxury. Instead, scoop up clear boxes that can fit in the back of closets or under beds to store off season shoes, all while keeping them protected and dust free.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Purge. Shak doesn't shy away from parting with old pairs of shoes she is no longer wearing. "If I grow tired of a trend, I get rid of them by donating to charity." If unwanted shoes are cluttering your closet, drop them off at a thrift store, a women's shelter, or even try selling them on one of the various online consignment stores that have popped up in recent years, like The RealReal.

4. 2014 Is the Year to Build Your Dream Closet. "I methodically measured my shoes and designed my closets based on the quantity and measurements of my shoes," Shak shared with us. Can't build your ultimate fantasy closet? Get creative with how you are storing your shoes. For instance, the Shrine Shoe Rack allows you to display your shoes on walls while saving floor space. Another solution? Shallow cabinets are the perfect size for shoes, and an inexpensive way to keep your shoes organized.

5. Above All, Treat Your Shoes Like Art. A shoe collection in which each pair is worth around $600 requires a lot of upkeep. "I'm obsessed with boot shapers because they keep my sexy thigh high boots looking perfect," Shak recommends.

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