You Need to See What's Happening in the Back of This Victoria's Secret Model's Hair

by Petra Guglielmetti

Monica Schipper/Getty ImagesMonica Schipper/Getty Images
The one-side-swept-back hair trend is going strong, and when I see this hairstyle on celebrities, I always like to check out how they secure that one side back. Sometimes there's a pretty hair clip involved, or a more subtle bobby pin, or a little twist of some kind. But I've never seen this version before ...

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Monica Schipper/Getty ImagesMonica Schipper/Getty Images

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At a Victoria's Secret event in NYC this week, V.S. Angel Candice Swanepoel had her super-thick hair secured half back in this giant French braid. I don't hate the half-back braid in theory, but this one is so chunky (and two-toned) that it's kind of distracting, and that obvious hair elastic isn't helping. The whole thing just feels totally disconnected from what's happening in the front of Candice's hair. I would have liked to see a much smaller braid instead, one secured with a subtle clear elastic or some bobby pins.

What do you think of Candice Swanepoel's hairstyle-from the front and from the back?

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