Patton’s Fashionable Army

It's hard to get a WWII reference into a blog about celebrities and fashion but it's not impossible. Every moment can be a learning experience. While Paula Patton isn't liberating Europe from tyranny, she is liberating the red carpet from the tyranny of bad fashion during her Mission Impossible trip around the world. Each is a victory.

'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' premiere

I am a big fan of animal print in unexpected colors and this purple/lavender take on a classic is sexy. Bonus points for the strategic lace placement which adds a touch of elegance.

Paula Patton attending the premiere of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" held at the Cine Lagoon in Rio de  …

Despite a little too much volume, this is a lovely happy dress. The colors are vibrant, the jeweled details a dramatic touch.

Tom Cruise and Paula Patton at Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Rio De Janeiro

Hola, sexy! From the bra as bodice to the laceup heels, everything about this look for a Brazilian promo jaunt is Carnival-icious.


Do you think she practiced this pose? Going a little more traditional but no less glam, this silver mini with sheer detailing is gorgeous. Waging war on bad fashion has never looked this good.