Paula Deen sells butter lip balm

Paula Deen's butter lip balm, courtesy of hollybailey.tumblr.comPaula Deen's butter lip balm, courtesy of hollybailey.tumblr.comIf you thought Cheetos flavored lip balm was gross, hang on to your lunch because Paula Deen is selling a new lip balm inspired by her favorite condiment: BUTTER! Grubstreet tipped us off and tracked down these magnificent photos. Even better: the product's slogan is "Put a Little South on your Mouth." Supposedly it tastes and smells like creamy butter.

If you're up for the challenge you can pick up a tube of Deen's butter lip balm for $1.99 at her Savannah, Georgia retail store or head over the shop's Facebook page. For those who prefer to wipe butter off of their mouths rather than slathering it on, the beauty treat also comes in four additional tastier flavors: pecan pie, peach cobbler, key lime pie, banana pudding, and pumpkin pie. Now that's more like it!

Here's proof! Butter Flavored. Ew. Photo courtesy of's proof! Butter Flavored. Ew. Photo courtesy of you try butter lip balm (or buy it as a novelty gift), or has Paula Deen officially crossed the line?

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