Perfect Gifts for a Scorpio

A cool customer you are, Scorpio. You gals run the gamut between laissez-faire leaders and ingenious disciples of style. Known for calm demeanors, Scorpios are sensual, stern and sometimes secretive. It's no surprise that Bill Gates and Julia Roberts are both Scorpios, born on the same day (October 28).

Enjoy these gift ideas for the Scorpio in your life!

Heart Tarot Cards

Super-sexy and known as a charming lover, a Scorpio won't take a relationship for granted. We suspect she'll have a blast consulting the heart tarot deck to see where her lover's passions lie. ($22.95 at

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Roberts Revival Radio

Turn up the music! Scorpio is the dancing queen of the zodiac, sure to bust a move whenever her favorite Michael Jackson song comes on the radio. She can rock like royalty with this old-fashioned Roberts radio. It's just like the ones English royals used to listen to. ($199.95 at

Sugar Gift Set

Scorpios love a little pampering product. She's a confident lady who likes to smell nothing less than fresh. Pamper her with this sugar-sweet gift set. ($75 at

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Sweater Knit Throw

Comfort and cuddling are non-negotiables for the Scorpio. She's apt to wrap herself tightly in a comfy blanket, no matter her mood. ($79 at

Fashion Etcetera

No one will deny that Scorpio has a keen eye for art and commerce. She's a visual warrior who loves to keep on top of her photography obsession. Get her a piece of art that will last a lifetime. ($85 at

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