The Perfect Lightweight Cardigan

Illustrations by Lauren FriedmanIllustrations by Lauren FriedmanBy Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

Q: My office is freezing in the summer. What are the perfect chic, lightweight cardigans? -@DelaneyGates

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A: Dear @DelaneyGates,

Little did I know we had a cardigan editor here at Lucky, but we do and her name is Noelle Sciacca. Noelle-like me, art director Lisa Steinmeyer and Anne Keane-was in a shrunken cotton cardigan the day I asked. So go with shrunken! A big cardigan has its beachy/comfy place, but it's never as outfit-enhancing and special as a little shrunken one. I like the shirt billowing out underneath. Even if it makes me look pregnant! "If you want flattering and feminine, do a V-neck," advises Anne. Cardigan editor Noelle says the cutest are Banana Republic, pictured here. Also J.Crew, Agnès B., Prada and Miu Miu are all consistently fantastic, cardigan-wise.

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Jewel-button cardigans, $60 each,

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