The Perfect Plus-Size Summer Dresses

Illustration by Lauren FriedmanIllustration by Lauren FriedmanBy Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

What's the best way for plus-size people to enjoy cute summery dresses (if they hate showing off their arms)? -Amy

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Dear Amy,
I am not a plus size, but arm-related anything, especially sleeveless, sends me into a whirling maelstrom of insecurity. The worst problem is too-tightness: If a strap or a sleeve is going to leave even the slightest impression or dent in the nearby skin, do not wear. Oozing arm/back/side skin is not just a plus-size issue; unless you are super-in-shape, it is worth thinking about when you try on summery sundresses.

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So: Fit is essential. Beyond fit, I vote for a fluttery (not tight) bit-of-a-sleeve kind of top. If the top has light-colored edging to pop against skin (this works whatever your skin color), it will be even more flattering. Also, I think thick straps can be more attractive than spaghetti, if your arms are bugging you-though I don't think that spaghetti straps are necessarily a problem-just so long as they are not tight.

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Anne, of course, had a particularly chic solution: "What about a cute shirtdress with elbow-length sleeves that you can roll up a little? It's still cool enough, and it's an adorable look."

Brilliantly, at the above website, you can design your own dress with its free custom fit and styling features. We picked floral, but you can do anything-patterns, solid brights, even an Anne-pleasing geometric-print shirtdress.

Cotton dress, $70,

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