Pharrell Loves His Giant Grammys Hat so Much, He Got ANOTHER ONE

by Danica Lo

You guys. Remember that gigantic Vivienne Westwood hat that Pharrell wore to this year's Grammys?

Just in case you forgot, boom:

Getty ImagesGetty Images

(Refresher: Sophia broke it down for us.)

Remember Beyonce's face when she saw him wearing it?

Also, boom:

Getty ImagesGetty Images

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Well, it looks like Pharrell really liked the hat--and the attention that came along with it. Because HE JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE.

This time in gray.

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Yes, it's true. The new gray addition to Pharrell's head wardrobe has even been acknowledged by Pharrell's hat's official Twitter, uh, @PharrellHat. So there you have it.

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