How to Get Photographed for a Style Blog

Courtesy of streetpeeper.comBrooke Le Poer Trench, Allure magazine

An Interview With Phil Oh, a photographer whose blog is

I always have my camera with me because there are stylish people everywhere. When I first started taking photos, people weren't as familiar with street-style photography. Now they see a camera and say, "Sure, OK" before I've even had a chance to introduce myself. Here's what catches my eye:

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Be unique.
I prefer people who aren't wearing the newest designer items. I love finding someone who has an unassuming, cool edge and doesn't look like she ripped her look out of an advertisement. One favorite recent portrait is of a woman wearing a basketball jersey tucked into high-waisted black trousers. The jersey was unexpected, and she pulled it together with such style.

Accessorize wisely.
The details of a person's outfit catch my eye. I took one woman's photo after spotting her amazing Gaia Repossi ring. Sometimes it's just the way a collar is turned, the lining of a jacket, or a charm dangling from a bag. Even bright, vibrant hair color can make a portrait work.

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Be friendly.
Most people are flattered that someone wants to take their photo, which is my favorite response. But there are others who roll their eyes and say, "Fine, but I'm in a rush!" They pretend to hate it, when you know they kind of love it. It's annoying.

Avoid a glamour pose.
It's the worst when someone pouts for the camera or leans forward provocatively. Please don't do the sexy thing. This is about capturing a moment on the street, so I'd rather my subject just lean back against a wall. But even I struggle to relax with a camera pointed at me. So here's my best tip: Make a wide, yawning motion with your mouth. When you return to a normal expression, your facial muscles relax and you take a much better photo. And try to smile-this is supposed to be fun.

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