How to Pick a Wedding Band that Goes with Your Engagement Ring

Photos: 2012 Zale Corporation, all rights reserved; Courtesty of De BeersPhotos: 2012 Zale Corporation, all rights reserved; Courtesty of De BeersAllison Bean, BRIDES

Your engagement ring and wedding band should complement one another without feeling too matchy-matchy. Here are ten pairings we think work well together and tips for picking your own unique combination.

Your Engagement Ring: Simple Solitaire
A solitaire engagement ring-whether the cut is princess, round, or emerald-is the most versatile style to match. While your bauble will look lovely alongside nearly any wedding band, we recommend pairing a simple solitaire with a thin pavé diamond band for an extra dose of sparkle.

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Your Engagement Ring: Pavé Band
If your engagement ring features an eternity or half-eternity diamond band, opt for a simple gem-free wedding band to let your sparkler take center stage.

Your Engagement Ring: Three-Stone

Pair your three-stone engagement ring with a band featuring similarly cut gemstones.

Your Engagement Ring: Colored Stone

If your engagement ring features a colored center stone, consider a wedding band that also incorporates that gem. A band that alternates between colored and white gemstones is a smart choice-it coordinates, but doesn't compete with, your engagement ring.

Your Engagement Ring: Unusual Shape

Uniquely-shaped engagement rings have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Choose a band that complements the curves of your engagement ring so that the pair will lay flush on your finger.

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Your Engagement Ring: Pavé Band

A trend we've been seeing more of lately: engagement bands. For your wedding band, choose a thin band in the same metal, but opt for a style that incorporates colored stones.

Your Engagement Ring: Stand-Out Design
Some engagement rings command more attention when worn alone. If your bauble falls into this category, forgo the traditional band entirely (use your engagement ring for the ring exchange part of the ceremony) or select an equally eye-catching band to wear on your right hand.

Your Engagement Ring: Modern

A heavily-adorned band will look out of place next to a modern engagement ring. Avoid flowery designs and opt for a sleek band with minimal decoration.

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Your Engagement Ring: Vintage

Vintage-inspired rings often feature filigree, engraving, and other intricate decorations. Give your ring pairing a cohesive feel by selecting a band that highlights a favorite design element from your engagement ring, like engraved flowers.

Your Engagement Ring: Organic
When it comes to selecting selecting your wedding ring, texture and finish are just as important as the type of metal used. For example, a hammered metal band plays up the hand-hewn vibe of an organic engagement ring.

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