Picking the Perfect Winter Coat

Illustration by Lauren FriedmanIllustration by Lauren FriedmanJean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

Q: What's the perfect winter coat: bigger? More fitted? -Rae

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A: Dear Rae,

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The perfect coat, fashion director Anne Keane is sorry to tell you, is like the ultimate stroller: It does not exist. "A single coat-or a single stroller-can't solve every problem," she said. "It depends on the situation. The same coat can't keep you warm on a freezing day and then look right when you wear it over black tie for evening! You have to suffer one way or the other." Two coats (or more) is definitely Anne's advice, but she did allow that if you were willing to live with a bit of situational suffering, "Go with something on the bigger side, something tailored but not too tight."

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