The Prettiest Sweater + Blouse Color Combos for Fall

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Sometimes it's not so much about reinventing the styling wheel as it is about reinvigorating it. That said, we're looking to punch up the ladylike layers we already own - a classic blouse-and-sweater set, in this case - with this season's prettiest Fall color combos. Trust us: it's a sweet and polished pairing that complements everything from a cozy tweed miniskirt to a slicked-up brocade trouser. And, to help you put your color-wheel cravings and cold-weather layering to work, we've styled up 10 of our favorite combos as a jumping-off point.

Take a peek below to check out our top 10 color combos worth experimenting with this Fall, then shop our editor-curated picks here!

  • Saffron Yellow + Emerald Green
  • Dark Red + Nude
  • Olive Green + Burgundy
  • Pink + Red
  • Navy Blue + Light Blue
  • Plum + Red
  • Plum + Blue
  • Cobalt Blue + Olive Green
  • Midnight Blue + Marigold Yellow
  • Heather Gray + Teal

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