The Prettiest New Winter Hair Accessories

by Catherine Q. O'Neill

Courtesy of Erickson Beamon for Beauty.comCourtesy of Erickson Beamon for

Some people have a tendency to hide their beauty blunders. I find it's easier--and much more flattering--to enhance them. Chipped polish? Slap on a glitter topcoat. On bad hair days, you'll never find me in a hat. Instead, I take those messy waves and position a big, bad, sparkly accessory on top. In two seconds, it takes a look from crazy to crazy-sexy (and no one will know you woke up five minutes ago).

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This season, I'm loving these from Erickson Beamon for The four designs (including my two personal favorites, Tropical Punch Butterfly, top left, and Tropical Punch, top right) are elegant, intricate, and look gorgeous in a low chignon or half-up style. And the best part? They're a fraction of the price you'd normally pay for an Erickson Beamon piece. OK, I lied. The actual best part? One hundred percent of the proceeds go to GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services) to help young abused women who have experienced sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. With these accessories, you can do good and look good, even on days when you wake up late for work. They cost from $60 to $150 and are available on through the holiday season while supplies last.

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