Pretty in Ink: Molly Ringwald Writes a Beauty Book

Most of us are glad our high-school years weren't captured on film, but then most us aren't Molly Ringwald. Now 42, Ringwald talks about growing up onscreen and shares her insights on beauty in her new book, Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick (It Books).

What's your best beauty tip? "Keep it simple, and wear sunscreen. I hear the siren song of Sephora, but I try not to go overboard with anything."

Do people still think of you as 16? "People tell me that I still look like a teenager, but I think they're just being nice. I think I look like a woman."

How has your sense of what's attractive changed?
"I hated my freckles when I was younger. I tried to sand them off my face. I was a microdermabrasion pioneer. But then I grew up and moved to France, where they're charmed by freckles."

Have you always been a redhead? "My hair is naturally honey-colored, but I feel like a redhead. It's nice to be a color that not as many people like--but the people who like redheads like you a lot."

Ever tempted by a makeover, like the one in The Breakfast Club? "What's so extraordinary about the makeover scene is that she looks so much better before. They put that dumb bow in her hair!"

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