Prevent Jeans from Wearing Out Between the Thighs

People with large or thick thighs may experience thigh rubbing when wearing jeans -- sometimes this continual rubbing can wear away the denim, leaving holes or rub marks. (If you suffer from the dreaded "thunder thighs," you know all about thigh burn. I can relate!) Keep denim strong -- always line dry or hang jeans to dry. Keep denim strong -- always line dry or hang jeans to dry.

You don't have to throw away your favorite blue jeans because of wear from thick thighs. A few sneaky tips like preparing your skin and using padding can extend the life of your jeans. If you wear the jeans too frequently, they will wear out faster. Expand your jeans wardrobe if you want to make the jeans last.

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Slide on a pair of moisture-wicking, bicycle shorts or shapewear before putting on the jeans. These restrictive undergarments place a barrier between your skin and the jeans. A pair of lightweight shorts with a cotton crotch will allow your skin to breath but also protects your skin. Avoid selecting shorts or shapewear with leg hems that are too tight. This could create unsightly bulges under your jeans.

Step 2

Roll a stick deodorant over your thighs to create a protective barrier on the skin before putting on your jeans.

Step 3

Exercise daily to tighten your thighs. Lie on your side, point your toes and lift your leg. Do this ten times then lay on your opposite side and repeat the leg lifts. Another good exercise involves squatting to build up your inner thigh strength. Stand with your feet spread apart. Bend your knees and lower your body. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

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Step 4

Spray a fabric water repellent on the thigh area of your jeans before putting them on. Allow the repellent to dry completely before wearing them.

Step 5

Turn the jeans inside out. Iron on denim patches inside the jeans to extend the wear at the thighs. If you prefer, take the jeans to a seamstress or tailor.


For the quick solution, cut the legs off a pair of control-top pantyhose and wear them under your pants.