Project Runway conspiracy theory: Why does Heidi kick off all the hot blonde girls?

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I've had a complicated relationship with Project Runway this season. All of the upcoming changes make my love affair with the show increasingly tenuous and bittersweet, and in general, the program is beginning to feel redundant and contrived. But over the past couple of weeks, things have gotten worse. I have not only passionately disagreed with the judges' elimination choices, I've discovered a disturbing trend: They always kick off the hot girl. Even if her design is better than her challenger's, even if she has a history of creating really good stuff and maybe just one night had a minor slip-up- because she is pretty, she must go.
The best example of this ever was when they kicked off season three's gorgeous-to-the-point-of-irritating Alison Kelly (pictured, left). She had amazing style, good taste and decent skills and her losing design, while not great, was certainly better than anything annoying, rosettes-on-everything fellow contestant Angela ever produced in her life. But Angela, who (no offense) was not terribly beautiful, stayed on long into the season.

The next time this strange too-pretty-for-PR phenomenon occurred was last year, during season 4. Poor Kit. A blond hipster with cool style, she was another attractive woman kicked off far before her time. Again, her elimination dress was not the finest piece ever presented on the show, but others have moved on by showing far, far worse. Which brings us to this season...

On Wednesday night, the PR powers that be got rid of designer Kelli, who up to this point, had never been in the bottom two and had even won the first challenge. Yes, her outfit for Brooke Shields kind of sucked (as Michael Kors astutely remarked, "Slutty, slutty, slutty"), but she was also partnered with complete loser Daniel who, for all his talk of having "great taste" doesn't really even know how to sew. Also, she was up against Blayne-stupid, stupid tanorexic, desperate-for-a-catchphrase Blayne who made SHORTS as the ideal outfit for a professional woman going out to a party after work. I mean, seriously? What are you smoking Project Runway? Why can't one pretty blonde make it after all? Would that be one too many pretty blondes on your show?
Grrr. You be the judge below.

Blayne's design:

Kelli's design:

Dear new Project Runway contestants: I smell your desperation, and it smells bad