Project Runway's Kenley: The most irritating reality show contestant ever?

Courtesy of Project RunwayCourtesy of Project RunwayNot since Omarosa appeared on the Apprentice (and faked a serious injury after a piece of dust fell on her head) have I despised a reality show contestant as much I despise Kenley from this season's Project Runway. Have any of you been watching this? She's a bratty little jerk. She's every girl I ever hated in high school. She's the obnoxious girlfriend you hope your brother never brings home. She's overconfident, insensitive and laughs when other people fail. Not to mention the fact that she only knows how to make ONE DRESS. On Wednesday night's episode she was so disrespectful and rude to Tim Gunn (Tim Gunn!) that I wanted to reach through the screen and smack her across her stupid head.
This week's challenge was to create an outfit for one of your fellow designers based on a musical genre. Kenley was assigned Leanne and she had to make a hip hop look. Her '50s floral print tank and high-waisted pants were so off the mark (not to mention ugly) it was actually kind of sad.
In the workroom, when Tim expressed concern about Kenley's lack of direction, the little creep immediately started sassing him. Tim said:
"You need to listen. It will benefit you tremendously as a designer. It would help if you removed the sarcasm and the facetiousness."
Kenley's response?
"Tim doesn't get me as a designer...I cannot really listen to Tim at this point because what does he know about hip-hop?"

Later, when she got slammed on the runway, Kenley defended her outfit: "It's hip hop in a classy, expensive way."
Check it out. Does this looks expensive and/or classy to you? Heidi said the pants were the most unflattering pants she'd ever seen in her life. Kenley whined and complained about this. She said that her challenge was especially hard (OK. Other people had to do punk and country and make clothes for men--that's equally hard) and that she needed more time.

Unfortunately, she didn't get kicked off last night. And, according to what I saw, I think she might even show at Bryant Park.

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