Question: Which Twilight Character Is Most Like You?

Are you counting down the days until "Eclipse" comes out? Yeah, me too. (It opens June 30, in case you've been living under a rock lately, now you can count down too.)

While you could kill some time rehashing the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate (if you want to weigh in, do it here) … OR, you could take this quiz and see which Twilight character you're most like. Is it Bella? Alice? Jasper? (Um, that last one would be kinda weird, but hey, I won't judge.)

Find out and share in the comments: which character are you a match for? Also, what are you most excited about for the new movie? Me: Watching more of Dakota Fanning's Jane -- wasn't she awesome in the last one?

P.S. Random "Eclipse" trivia: Kristen Stewart had to wear a wig in this one, since she cut her hair super-short for "The Runaways." Check out her short cut here -- which do you like better? I'm a fan of the edgy rocker look but it's impossible not to like Bella's long, wavy hair, right?