"Pretty Little Liars" Nail Art — Get the Look!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Got a secret, can you keep it? Everyone knows the ladies of Pretty Little Liars have the best nails on television. Watching the show to see what awesome colors and super-cute designs the girls have on their hands is every nail art fashionista's favorite Tuesday night past time. Now I'll show you how to paint one of their most famous designs! Inspired by Jenna's nails in "Single Fright Female" (Season 3, Episode 11), we see them when she's outside on her phone.

What You'll Need

Pale Pink Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Nail Dotting Tool

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1. Start with one coat of polish on a pale pink nail. It's okay if it doesn't cover well, because you're going to paint over most of it anyway.

2. Paint black polish over the pink leaving just the very edge of the pink exposed. This is easy to do if you just use the curve of the nail polish brush to make the curve of the black polish.

3. I used a dotting tool to make the dots. But if you don't have dotting tools, you can use the end of a bobby pin to make your dots.

4. Use the white polish to paint the dots, dipping the dotting tool in white polish and slowly dropping it down to the nail each time. Now you have the perfect Pretty Little Liars inspired nails!

-By Jamie Harrington

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