LifetimeLifetimeFor the most part, people were let down by the last season of the fashion reality show "Project Runway." When Lifetime took over the program, they made a few changes--namely moving the show out to LA to get some celebrity judges on the panel--that just did not work. New York City is America's fashion capital, and with the top designers showing their collections in Manhattan's Bryant Park it only made sense for them to film the entire season there. In Season 7 they are back to the east coast, which means consistent judging from our old friends, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and supermodel host Heidi Klum who announced she had yet another bun in the oven. Ahh, everything just feels right again.

This week celebrity/designer Nicole Richie served as guest judge for the first challenge: creating a look that defines who they are as designers. As their fabulous mentor Tim Gunn pointed out, this season features the most diverse group of contestants they've ever had. There's a physical therapist, an actor, a musician, a printmaker, a former advertising executive--and yet they all know how to make amazing clothes. What a talented bunch! Or are they? [Spoilers ahead!]

When the designers are given one day to create their garments, emotions run the gamut from anxiety and insecurity to excitement and over-confidence. And tears are shed. Several times. Janeane Marie is a crier! Ping serves as the resident wacky lady, who uses her own body for draping instead of a mannequin, and will continue to keep everyone guessing--she somehow made the top three! Seth Aaron made our favorite modern rockabilly look, which looked like something Gwen Stefani would create for her L.A.M.B. line. And then there's Anthony, the southern gentleman who talks way too much, but really makes us laugh. No mega jerks have emerged thus far, though we're seeing some unjustified egos (Jesus is a wannabe Christian Siriano who has yet to exhibit his talent), and based on their styles and presentations have already loosely named our favorites to be Maya, Seth Aaron, Jay and Emilio. In case you haven't seen it yet, we won't reveal the winner or who is sent packing. Check out for more info and when you can catch the next episode.

What did you think of the premiere of "Project Runway"? Will you be tuning in this season, or are you over it?