"Real Housewives" star Jill Zarin says LBDs won't attract men

IMDBIMDBIf anyone knows how to draw attention, it's Jill Zarin of "Real Housewives of New York." You can make out every syllable of her unmistakable voice at a crowded party, and her intensely detailed Upper East Side apartment is certainly eye-catching if not highly overdecorated. She'll also essentially make you wish you were never born if you cross her. But we digress.

Zarin, who runs a fancy fabric company with her husband Bobby, knows fashion, and obviously fabrics, no matter how questionable her personal taste may be. This week she launched a book called, "Secrets of a Jewish Mother," and gave some very interesting advice to a group of young attendees wearing black dresses. She said they would "never meet a man if they don't wear color."

Ugh. The "never meet a man" concept totally bugs us. That said, do you think there is any truth to her statement? We can see how people would gravitate towards color, or possibly approach a woman after being initially drawn to a bright frock she's wearing, but what about the LBD? Isn't a classic black dress supposed to be a woman's easy and chic go-to party outfit?

What has been your experience in wearing black versus color? Do you get noticed more wearing a bright outfit, or do you receive more compliments wearing black?