Rachel Zoe’s Ultimate Spring Break Travel Tips

PNP/WENN.comPNP/WENN.comRachel Zoe recently became a celebrity adviser for social travel planning website Trippy, and we caught up with the stylist to get the inside scoop on her new jet-setting gig. "It connects people in the way of travel," Zoe said of the site. "You can post about things to see and do. If a friend wants to go somewhere I've been, they're going to see my recommendations." With loads of stamps in her passport, Zoe has perfected her travel routine.

Read on for her ultimate globe-trotting tips, including advice on traveling with a baby, over-packing versus under-packing (can you guess which side she's on?), and which items you should never check!

1. Make Lists "I do a lot of lists," Zoe said of her packing routine. "I've literally gone for an island vacation and forgotten my bathing suit. When you're a working mom and your head is in 50 places, it's hard to keep track of everything."

2. Pack Light for the Beach! "When I go to St. Bart's, I pack the lightest," Zoe said. "Even if I just go for two weeks, I know exactly what I need. I pack caftans, bathing suits, sarongs, light pants, and linen gauzy things. That's my favorite trip to pack for. I don't bring heels. I'm good for a wedge, I wear a cork wedge or an espadrille."

3. But When in Doubt, Over-Pack "I wish that I could say that I was a better packer. I'm a very organized packer, but I'm not good at editing," Zoe told InStyle.com. "If I'm going to Paris, the weather could be 80 or 40. You don't know what it's going to be like. I like to have options. It's always better to have choices rather than have nothing to wear."

For more exclusive packing tips from Rachel Zoe, go to InStyle.com.

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- Caitlin Petreycik