Rashida Jones Wears the Perfect Business-Casual Outfit to a Summer Pool Party

by Fawnia Soo Hoo

Getty ImagesRashida Jones looking ultra-chic and crisp in a tuxedo blazer, skinny jeans, and the perfect accessories almost makes up for the pain I will suffer through when she and Rob Lowe make their exit off Parks and Rec this season. *Sniff* At least I know, there are more outfits like this to be seen out there in the glossies. But back to business as usual this morning--last week, we discussed Cate Blanchett's perfectly peachy solution to the conundrum of "dressy-casual", let's hit a more workable policy this morning: "business-casual." And look to Rashida and her stellar Hollywood pool party look that would be perfect for a chill office.

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While Rashida's outfit might be a bit trend-forward for conservative Pawnee (although Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt does possess a vast skinny-tie collection that might inspire envy amongst many a hipster...), it's perfect for an industry networking party in L.A.--or a more fashion-forward, dress-code-relaxed office environment. She rethought the classic work blazer with a tuxedo silhouette, delicate stripes, and contrast trim on the shawl lapel and then layered it over a buttoned-up shirt. Rashida opted for a dressier, darker-wash jean and folded wide cuffs to get a better look at her clog-booties (plus show a flash of ankle). A white structured clutch brings in a little lightness, without offsetting the natty effect of the look. Well played, Anne Perkins, well played.

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