Would You Rather Wear Heels or Flats for the Rest of Your Life?

You know this game. Would you rather … end war or world hunger? … be able to fly or be able to read minds? … have one great love or many satisfying relationships? Of course, we play that game a little differently at Beauty Riot (see it here). Today, our question is: Would you rather wear flats or heels for the rest of your life?

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Now, I would definitely choose flats. I practically wear them everyday anyway (though that doesn't mean I don't love heels). It's just that flats seem more practical, especially if you're being chased by a pack of wolves or have to walk on cobblestones. Totally obvious, right?

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Not so much. Co-editor Sharon picked heels. "First, flats are usually ugly. I'm short so if I picked flats, I would be condemned to stay three feet tall forever. And heels are versatile. There are some with small heels, like kitten heels." (For the record, Sharon is 5'3", not exactly miniscule.)

Now, it's your turn: Would you rather wear flats or heels for the rest of your life? And why? Leave your answer below.

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