Let's say you had to give up your entire beauty stash … except for ONE product. (Just go with me here, it's a rhetorical question.) Out of all your mascaras, lipsticks, blushes, hairsprays and nail polish, which product would you choose to keep?

I would probably keep this one. (It's my absolute favorite thing in the whole world). Actually, it might be worth it to sacrifice everything else for this adorable trend. But what about this obsession?? Ahh, I can't choose!

If you need help figuring out what you should pick too (still being rhetorical, as if we'd ever let anyone pry our entire makeup stash out of our hands), take this quiz to see what you're most likely addicted to.

Don't wear any makeup? Sorry to burst your bubble … but even if you want an amazing "au naturale" look, you can't just leave your house without an ounce of makeup on. You can keep it classic and sweet, though, with this celeb's look. Best part is, it only takes 10 minutes to copy her easy makeup routine!