Get Ready for the Beach! Shoshanna Shares Tips on Finding the Perfect Swimwear

Shoshanna knows a thing or two about making women look stunning on the red carpet and …Dragging yourself to the department store to try on swimsuits can often feel more like a burden than a fun shopping excursion. But have no fear - we've enlisted the help of Manhattan-bred fashion designer, Shoshanna, the woman responsible for providing stunning red carpet looks and beachwear for celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba! Shoshanna sat down with us to give us the scoop on the latest trends and how to take your beach fashion from blasé to beautiful!

What's your best advice for looking great at the beach?

Confidence! The fit of your swimsuit is also very important and ultimately makes you feel more secure in what you are wearing. Also, getting a mani/pedi and proper grooming won't hurt!

What swimwear trends should Shine readers look for this season?

Neon colors and crochet are everywhere for summer- from ready-to-wear and accessories to swimwear and cover-ups. Nautical and tribal prints are also big in swim this season and give off a sweet sexy vibe.

What kind of swimsuit styles best flatter different body types?

It's so important to wear a style that works for your body type and always try it on before purchasing because sizes will vary, sometimes even from the same label:

Big Busted- Look for halters which offer the most support. Also look for boning and underwire which will act like a bra and securely hold you in place.

Curvy- Look for one pieces with ruching to slim your middle. When shopping for bikini's stick to bottoms with tie string so they are easily adjustable.

Flat Chested- Strings are most flattering. If you want to enhance your chest, look for ruffles or ruching which will create the illusion of a bigger chest.

Is there something to be said for wearing patterns vs. one color on a bathing suit? Is one more flattering than the other?

I think colors and prints depend on the person wearing it. It is a personal choice for women and whatever you are comfortable wearing is what you should wear.

What are the pros and cons of different beach coverups? Is there anything we should avoid?

Rompers are harder to wear, but if you have the body-- I say go for it! Sarongs tend to be complicated but if you are looking to cover your lower body, I think they can look really chic. A dress is universally flattering and so easy to wear. You just throw it on and you are done without having anything fussy.

Which beach accessories can take your beach look from B-list to A-list?

Adding accessories is a way to personalize the look, just as you would with any outfit. I love wearing gold beach jewelry. Delicate pieces, like something from Jennifer Meyer, and long charm necklaces are a few simple accessories I use to complete my beach look. A great straw hat, gold strappy sandals, or wooden boho beads are also fun and sensible options.

How can you take your beach look from day to night?

Find a versatile cover up that can take your bikini beach look to a casual dinner. A crochet cover with ¾ sleeves is great because you can throw it over a bikini with cute shorts and be ready for a night out. A fun printed maxi is another great option. All you need to do is touch-up your makeup, put your hair in a ponytail, throw on a great shoe, and you are good to go.

Do you have any advice about products or things that can keep your skin glowing during the summer?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I love Nuxe Dry Oil. You can use it during the day and it gives your face, body, and hair a shimmery tone, or you can use it at night and it acts as an added moisturizer.