The Real Deal: Behind-the-Scenes of a Photo Shoot

We recently had a small photo shoot for a fashion story on how to wear belts. (It'll be up in a few days, so stay tuned!) Not quite like some crazy celeb shoot -- no secret location, weird props, or thousand dollar clothes -- but it's still a cool look at what really goes on behind the scenes.

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  • The hair -- it's fake. Byron Williams of the Byron and Tracey Salon in Los Angeles says, "in 80 percent of photo shoots the hair is enhanced with extensions." When our model showed up, just like Williams said, she had extensions in her hair. She confessed to one of our editors that her hair is so damaged from styling that she needs the extensions. BUT since the beachy long waves were the look we wanted, it was a good thing she had those extra pieces of hair.

  • Tailoring on the fly. Stylist Stephanie Prommer says, "When you see a great photo of a celebrity on the cover of a magazine, you'd be surprised to know that in many cases, if they turned around there would be an array of clips and pins across their back making their clothing look more fitted." This is definitely true. Our stylist brought some heavy-duty clamps from Home Depot, which we used throughout the day, along with pins and double-stick tape to get the fit of the clothes just right.

  • Beauty doesn't always take hours. Sometimes on photo shoots, the makeup artists have limited time to make models look flawless. This was right on, since we had to get all 11 looks done in 2 1/2 hours. We had three people working on makeup for just five minutes in between outfit changes.

Those were just some of the things our small time photo shoot had in common with the big-wigs, but for all the major photo shoot secrets, click here.

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We'll be posting the results from our photo shoot next week, but in the meantime tell us: Do you think it takes talent to pose like a model?

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