Redken's Body Full Line Is Not For Everyone

As a consumer of hair care brands you can pick up while shopping for dish detergent and tampons, receiving Redken's Body Full line was a real treat. I haven't had the luxury of treating my hair to a salon brand since my grandmother decided I was old enough to pay for my own hair care needs.

With packaging that screams "I'm cooler than what you use," and a scent reminiscent of $100 hair cuts, Redken's allure has it's place but when the hair that grows from your head is not what your hair care line treats, some mishaps can occur.

Redken's Body Full shampoo promises volume for baby fine hair and the conditioner claims to be weightless and a detangler. A fan of the shampoo but without the help of a strong conditioner to hold down the coarseness of my hair, it seemed to get lost. After washing you can apply the Body Full Instant Bodifer evenly into your strands. The mousse claims to provide volume for thin hair. The problem occurred when the combing process of hair care began.

My comb became lodged into my hair. As much as I tried to free the comb, my hair reacted in an ugly manner. Ripping sounds and a neck that bore most of the brunt, the result was torn hair and a pulled muscle. Imagine telling your coworkers you have a crick in your neck from combing your hair.

Needless to say, I'm not completely sworn off of Redken but next time, I don't need "body" for my hair. I need freedom from tangles and a conditioner that's not weightless but more like butter in a bottle.